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Technical specifications

What is the format of the magazine and the design?

The format of the magazine is A4, more precisely 213x297 mm, including the spine. The cover is printed on matt art paper 300g/m2 with glossy lamination. Content is printed on matt art paper 200g/m2.2.

What is the number of pages?

The number of pages is optional, from a minimum of 24 pages to 72 pages or more. The number of pages affects the cost of production and processing, so for every order we always prepare an individual calculation. The number of pages is based on the scope of the content supplied by the client and on the agreement with the client.

Is TheDAY published in hard copy or electronically?

The basic offer includes the preparation of the printed and electronic versions simultaneously. Of course you can opt for a printed version, or just publish TheDAY electronically

What documents do I have to deliver to create the magazine?

As with a regular magazine, TheDAY also contains photos and text.

Can I use any kind of photos in the magazine?

No, the editorial staff reserves the right to refuse materials of poor quality, poor resolution, poor technical and aesthetic level (see requirements for photographs and images).

What does electronic publishing mean?

For electronic publishing, TheDAY uses the services of Your issue of TheDAY will become part of the family magazines, a portal which is visited monthly by 70 million readers. You can opt for public release, which can be viewed on the website by anyone, or for private release which can be viewed only by those readers who you allow access (send a link to).

Are access statistics available?

Whether you opt for a public or non-public version of the electronic publishing, access statistics in the form of a weekly report will be available to you. You will have an overview of how many readers read your issue of TheDAY.

What are the requirements for photos and images?

Photographs must be supplied at a resolution enabling high-quality printing, optimally 300 dpi. This means that photos in the A4 print size should have a minimum of 2000x3000 pixels; preferably 2480x3500 pixels. These requirements are met by the vast majority of professional digital cameras. Photos in significantly lower resolutions cannot be used. Photos must be submitted in JPEG, TIFF or RAW (CRW, NEF, ...). Vector graphics may be submitted in PS, EPS, PDF, AI, and CDR formats.

Can I also use a video in the magazine?

Not yet. We are working intensively to enable the use of video.

How many photos does the magazine contain on average?

On average approx. 2-3 photos on one page. This results in total number of photos = 2.5 x number of pages.

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Editorial processing

How is the content of the magazine created?

The editorial content is prepared in close cooperation between you (the client), editor and graphic designer. A selection of wedding photos forms the basis. This is followed by the creation of texts, based on either your texts and notes, or based on an interview with you. Texts are sent to you on an ongoing basis and, of course, you have the right to require changes, propose modifications or amendments.

Is the processing of the magazine carried out automatically?

Processing of the magazine is a manual process, essentially no different from the processing of commercial magazines. Photos and texts are inserted into a prepared layout (page) by a graphic designer. This process is called typesetting and page layout. The page layout is then followed by proofreading.

We will send an editor to your wedding.

If the preparation of the magazine seems too complex to you, and you do not want to deal with the text and content creation, we will send an editor to the event who will attend the whole wedding day. He will describe your wedding through the eyes of a man who has many years of experience working in the media, stylistic skills and linguistic education. A person who will write text which is entertaining, funny and touching, text which your friends and your family members will read with pleasure. This service is provided for a fee.

Is it necessary to process/shoot photos in a specific way?

A professional photographer knows how to prepare images for further processing. If you have doubts about the technical aspects of the materials, please check the FAQ Section - Technical information.

Why is a magazine better than an album or a photobook?

A magazine is not better than an album - it's different. The magazine is more than an image, it's a story behind the photos. It's not a book either. It's in the true sense a STORY. The story of Your Day.

Does TheDAY contain any advertising?

All advertising is placed in TheDAY magazine solely after agreement with the client. This does not apply to the imprint and contacts. Obviously, for example, advertisements of your company, your partners, wedding suppliers, or any other can be inserted in the magazine. It is possible to insert advertising from supplied materials or to commission the processing of advertisements to our graphic studio.

Can the wedding story contain information on pre-wedding and post-wedding events?

Of course, and more than that. You can enrich your story with stories from you childhood, memories of your parents or describe your sports activities. Did you meet at the foot of Mount Everest? Do you do amateur dramatics? Do you love dogs? All this, of course, should be in your magazine.

What about foreign-language or multilingual versions?

TheDAY is ready for multilingual versions. When creating a bilingual edition, both languages are usually graphically separated. You can also create separate Czech and foreign-language issues with the same content.

Can I change the design of the magazine?

The design is always, to some extent, adapted to the specific needs and requirements of the customer. Fundamental requirements for design changes should first be discussed with editors of the magazine.

Will you also ensure distribution?

Yes, on request we will arrange distribution of the magazine including enveloping or labelling. You don't have to worry about anything, we will send copies of TheDAY wherever you specify, in the Czech Republic and abroad. This service is provided for a fee.

A magazine does not meet my requirements, I'd rather compile my story as a book ...

We are ready to meet most requirements. Contact us, we will gladly prepare an individual offer.

If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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