TheDAY Your personal wedding magazine

TheDAY is a unique medium for publishing personal stories. It's your personal magazine, a depiction of your wedding day. TheDAY captures memories like no other medium. Nothing of the sort has been here yet. This method is possible only due to the progress in printing technology. Only in recent years has it been possible to produce a fully-fledged magazine in several dozen copies at an affordable price. TheDAY takes full advantage of these technologies and brings them to you.

TheDAY is not a photo album. It's not a photobook either. It's not an automated product, but the result of creative work by people. Always individual!


You will receive professional processing of your story in the form of a real magazine with one difference - the celebrity, it’s all about you. A graphic designer will, together with you, create your custom edition of TheDAY.

Three hundred photographs of your wedding - no one really looks at so many. But at thirty, yes, focus attention on what matters most!


Present your wedding to your readers through your eyes. Take them through the wedding day and the wedding ceremony. Take them "behind the scenes", describe the months of wedding preparations. Share your emotions, experiences, tell your story. Publish your story in electronic and printed versions. We will produce, from 20 copies, a real colour magazine with a glossy cover on art paper.

TheDAY can be a fantastic gift for your partner or family. Surprise them for your wedding anniversary. TheDAY can do that too - travel back in time!


You can publish TheDAY privately, just for family or friends, or share it with the world. Choose a public issue through the portal and your TheDAY will be immediately available to millions of readers.

Thanks to a special reader TheDAY is available on all devices - desktop, laptop, tablet, mobile phone ...
Just connect!

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TheDAY is a magazine like no other. Impress people around you, and after a few years you will look at your TheDAY with the same astonishment we look at old magazines. When memories fade, the past is blurred, and when you say that it's not true anymore, read TheDAY - your memories in black and white. TheDAY gives you the opportunity to decide how you will remember it. Write your own memories!

If you are interested in technical and other specifications or information regarding TheDAY, take a look first at FAQ section.