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The price of TheDAY magazine

An issue of TheDAY won’t cost you much more than buying a glossy fashion magazine at newspaper kiosk... In any case much less than a traditional photo album or a photobook. However, you will pay for professional processing of the magazine; the work of graphic designers, photo editing, page design and layout, according to the scale of the processed content - i.e. the number of pages.

Basic design and graphic design - a fixed fee    5 900 CZK
Typesetting and page layout (price per page)    500 CZK
Price of printing per issue depending on the number of pages and copies *    od 90 CZK
Total price per issue depending on the number of pages and the number of copies **     od 448 CZK

*) **) Prices are calculated, as an example, for 24 pages and 50 printed copies. We will be happy to prepare you an individual calculation for other parameters. The prices stated are exclusive of VAT.